7.jpgMultisolution technology

Cloud based solutions enabling sports teams and venues to connect with, engage and create new revenue from fans online, on mobile, in stadiums and on the street.

One platform, multiple new revenue streams

No setup or ongoing costs. Clubs enjoy new revenue from memberships, social, games, competitions, peer-to-peer challenges & partner activation.

TEAMS for ticketing
Stadium level membership, season, reselling and direct ticket platform.

TOUCH for loyalty & payments
Cashless payment, loyalty reward and partner activation platform.

PULSE for social & fan engagement
Comprehensive fan outreach, games and competition platform.

TEAMS Stage for music & arts
No customer redirection to third party providers. Whether general access or fully seated, ticket sales are transacted on venues' own websites with all the advanced features of TEAMS. 

hand.jpgReliability & Flexibility

To meet the demands of today’s high volume, online world without interruptions, our solutions have been specifically developed to enhance, not replace, our clients’ existing online strategy.

100% fan focused

A place for fans to play, chat, purchase and stay informed alongside fellow fans as they catch up on news and game data, challenge friends, issue and accept challenges, enjoy competitions, leagues and win unique prizes all while earning reward points.

Any customer in any market

We design, develop and own all our technologies. Deploying TEAMS ticketing, PULSE social or TOUCH loyalty for any sport or arts sector in any market is simple.


A cloud based ticketing solution for the future. Able to sell out your events via multiple sales channels from a single inventory simultaneously with full reporting.

Control the secondary market with the ‘release’ feature that allows all purchased tickets to be resold through the system on terms controlled by you. Update layouts and seating zones or set pricing for ticket bundles, volume sales and member discounts with ease and set prices to change based on a schedule set by you.

Membership & loyalty

Functions that can be set up to match or upgrade your current membership and loyalty schemes and allow different groups of fans to access different ticket at different times.


A mobile payment and loyalty platform that allows members to pay for goods and services online in the stadium and with club partners and sponsors outside the stadium or venue.

Rewarding loyalty

For every transaction, fans earn loyalty points that enhance their status and which can be recognised by the club or venue or its partners.

Sponsor & partner activation

Sponsors and partners can create coupons and targeted special offers which can be activated and tracked via TOUCH providing them with the ability to calculate accurate ROIs.


The online web solution where your and other clubs’ fans interact by playing games, challenging, socialising, buying tickets and renewing memberships all while earning and buying points that they can use on the PULSE platform.

Engage by encouraging fun & competition

Fans' knowledge is recognised by their peers as they create winning fantasy teams, predictions and live challenges. PULSE rewards their prowess with low cost, high worth prizes such as a 30 minute training session with the team.

Promote Sales

PULSE helps a club understand more about its fans’ likes and dislikes. It has full outreach capabilities that allow clubs to communicate with their fans by email, messaging, phone and push notifications. So you can keep them informed and market directly to them through active engagement.


All our solutions including inbound and outbound call centre services are focused on providing content owners with the platforms they need to engage and sell to their fans and customers more effectively.

100% fan focused

Prevent fans from paying too much and directly avoid third party ticketing agents owning your fan data by controlling the primary and secondary ticketing markets with 'TEAMS Stage'.

Offer downloads and physical merchandise sales at the point of ticket purchase, issue reward points that can be used for access to unique content and prizes.

Manage your outbound marketing emails and communications with an integrated CRM.

For more information on TEAMS -STAGE download the PDF here.


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